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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Seasons Changing

Yesterday I woke up early for my morning jog. It was beautiful out. The air was starting to feel like fall and the temperature was cool. Then I met my friend Steve at the Rec center for a lunch time game of racquetball. It was part of the "I'm going to loose 20lbs by Christmas" kick I'm on. By the time I got home that night, the day was still incredible - not summer any more, but not quite fall yet. As I sat down at the dinner table, a soft soothing thing happened...

Every muscle in my body screamed out in agonizing pain. Evidently my exercise ambition went overboard a little and I sent myself into Lactic Acid overload.

That evening, crisp air of the evening cooled the house and made it just chilly enough to enjoy the first dip in the hot tub for the year. Ahhh, soaking in the hot water with my hot wife and with jets relaxing my muscles as the seasons change. The perfect end to a hard day.