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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Production on a Dime

One of the 342 hats that I wear on my job is to make videos. This includes pre and post production as well as the shoot itself. I've become quite savvy with Adobe Premiere, and I'm doing it all on my HP.

I'll give all the Mac and Final Cut users out there a moment to gather themselves and climb off the floor and back into their chairs... Okay... better?

Because our video budget here is basically beg, borrow or steal whatever I can to make it work, I want to share the best two articles I've read on lighting for a shoot.

First is this one which gives a beginner's termed explanation on how to set up lighting.

Second is an article titled "Lighting ont he Cheap" Great name and a great resource. I just shot a video using its suggestions and showed it to a couple of professional video people and they were impressed on how well it looked.

Whether you are a home video shooter or a mediocre hack like me, you will learn a lot about making your video look much better.

I love the editing and shooting, but I can get completely lost in it all and find myself working at 11:30pm perfecting some part of my video that should have taken 30 minutes to do.