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Monday, September 19, 2005

Are You a Clicker or a Skipper

It is human tendency to assume all others are like you until you learn that they are not like you. This has happened to me when it comes to clicking on links in blogs I read.

For example, if I said
"A corrections officer was arrested for beating Scooby Doo. (click here for article) Imagine what he would have done if he got a hold of Scrappy."
I assume that because I would click the link, so would everyone else.

But that just isn't the truth now is it?

So my question is this.
Are you a "Clicker" - one who clicks on every link you read?
Or are you a "Skipper" - one who skips over all the links and just reads what's posted on the screen?

Me... I'm a hard core Clicker.