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Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Regular Programmed Schedule

It's fall again. You know what that means? The premier of all my favorite TV shows! I've spent the past two nights and am going to spend tonight lounging on the floor, watching the newest installments of what will once again consume my evenings to come.

On Tuesday @ 8 I watched a new show called My Name is Earl. WOW I was laughing so hard. My wife didn't get it so much, but it was my sense of humor exactly. This guy, Earl, has a more than bad life when he wins the lottery for $100K he then instantly gets hit by a car and looses the ticket. While in bed, doped up on morphine, he hears Carson Daly talk about karma and decides he has to do go do good deeds to make up for all the bad ones he's already done. It's a very dry, cynnical look at this guy's life. And it's a half hour so I still have time to watch a movie afterward.

Then I started watching The Office, but while I very much understood and appreciated the humor, it seemed to move a little slow for me, so I got bored and put in my movie.

Wednesday night... one word "Lost" For those of you who watched it, all I have to say is I knew the guy with the accent from running the stairs would be the same guy at the bottom of the hatch. Not only that, but my original theory of government conspiracy on the island still is holding true. Did anyone notice that the quarantine sign was on the inside of the hatch lid. If the hatch was quarantined why wouldn't it be on the outside to warn people from entering. Instead it was as if it warned the people inside not to leave. And when was the last time you saw a computer that old? Like 1982 maybe? If you haven't ever seen it, you need to watch with a first season follower or get a hold of one of the synopsis shows that explains everything.

Tonight, Thursday, yet another season premier. Again I can't wait. The show is Alias. I'm a little curious to see a pregnant woman repel off of a helicpoter while shooting a machine gun with pinpiont accuracy and then roundhouse kick a terrorist to the head. But this isn't reality it's TV! I'm about to curse with all the rumors of Vaughn leaving the show. Can't Michael Vartan and Jennifer Garner get back together romantically so the show can go on? Who needs Ben Aflec anywa??? He's a dork compared to Vartan. Who tries to marry two girls with the same first name? I mean really - such a dork. Jennifer Garner can save the world from glowing balls of water that will kill everyone, but she can't figure out Ben Aflec is a dork and make up with Vartan to save my favorite show.

Anyway - happy viewing. I hope you have found your premiers as enthralling as I have mine.