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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Weekend Update and Excuse

Well a holiday weekend and a lot happened.

Friday we camped out with our young married group from church. Lots of fun, little sleep and an adventure with 2 kids and a dog in tents.

Then we went to Iowa City on Saturday to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes destroy the Ball State.... uh, whatever they are. It got to the point about half way through the second quarter that I actually started feeling sorry for them. Not that sorry though. I'm still glad we won. It was probably my only game of the season. Compared to 2 years ago, when I made every home game it's kind of a drag, but still - GO HAWKS!!!

Then we left Sunday afternoon to drive to Des Moines and see Deann's dad and step mom who were visiting from Colorado Springs. We had a blast. I really miss seeing them. Maybe someday soon we can see them more often, until then... we'll have to be patient.

Then Monday (Labor Day) drove home from Des Moines, stopped to see our good friend in the hospital. Her water broke and she's not due for a month or so. Got home, unloaded, unpacked and cleaned up.

Why do I tell you all this. One simple reason. It's my excuse for not blogging today. I was too busy getting caught up from a wild weekend to blog.