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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


You ever have one of those "Uhh... WOW!" moments?

Usually when an incredible string of events occurs. The indivdual events don't by themselves amount ot much, but put them all together and WOW.

Well one employee in the office is finishing Thursday. She's moving to Tulsa to be with family and go to Tulsa University. No problems. Then another employee resigns last night. No problems. Then I try to rework the entire flow of the office to accomodate the new employee just starting Tuesday and the now 2 employees leaving. Now I'm looking to hire another employee, plus maybe a part time IT employee too (we can't afford or justify a full time one yet) We're also hiring a new associate pastor and associate youth position. Still looking for a Music pastor as well. Add that all to the regular stress of life and the fact that I'd rather be golfing in the beautiful 70 degree weather and all I have to say is "Uhh... WOW"

Maybe I should become a Human Resource Director or Recruiter ;)
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