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Monday, September 12, 2005

Weekly Poll

Another weekly poll on the way.

Last week's poll results are as follows:

Is it wrong to get pleasure out of another's misfortune?
25% Yes, absolutely
8% Only if it is a minor misfortune
50% As long as you don't know them or they don't get hurt too bad
17% The bigger the misfortune the better

This topic brought much discussion and thought from many people. Let me add another twist to this for more discussion.

Shortly after posting about my rental adventures I searched my website on Technorati just out of curiosity to see who was linking to me. I found my usual friends and then one that surprised me. Some lady I don't know at all commented in her blog about my posting saying that she found it "disturbing" that a pastor would do this. We exchanged a couple of e-mails where I found out her reason for thinking it was was disturbing. She had some valid points, and some I didn't agree with. But it was her opinion, so what could I really say?

Then yesterday, after our first Sunday service was over, I had a congregation member come to me and say she didn't agree with something I said. When giving the offeratory, I used the term "hard earned money" when I refer to people's giving in the offering. She felt it was wrong to call it hard earned and that it made her feel uncomfortable.

I would like to think I don't let this sort of thing influence me, but do I? Does it seep in my mind while I'm writing? Should I let it seep in or should I just keep writing / speaking the way I normally do? The lady disagreeing with my rental post may be one person, but does she represent a segment of readers I haven't considdered? Same with the woman in our church, one person, but does it represent more?

My question isn't about validating my or the other's opinions, but rather, how much do you let someone else influence what you say from a public platform. In other words, if someone leaves you a comment or sends an email challenging what you say, do you hold back the next time you post or speak so you don't offend. So check out the weekly poll and leave your comments here.