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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Lilia Griffin

As most of you know, I usually don't promote, plug or sponsor much of anything from my blog. Normally I use it to share my life and poke fun at what ever I can. But, I honestly have to say I was moved to promote this individual.

Lilia Griffin came to our church tonight and sat in with us for worship, then shared her purpose for her upcoming missions trip and sang a couple of songs. First of all, it was nice to have young and trendy at our church, which is mostly made up of people like my parents. Nice, but not young and trendy.

Then her voice. I have no idea how to write a music review, so I'll just share my feelings. I loved her voice. It made me feel totally at peace. I just wanted to be sitting in a coffee shop in Chicago with it raining lightly outside, maybe even snowing, but melting on the street. When I closed my eyes her music took me there. (side note to Lilia - We're still looking for a worship leader so maybe God has led to you to prepare for this missions trip so you would come to our church and have an opportunity to sing for us. - Just a thought)

Finally her purpose. A year long missions trip to Calcutta to minister to orphans, prostitutes and HIV/AIDS victims.

Tomorrow she plays Tazabellas, the local coffee shop (not quite Seattle or Chicago, but it will do)
So my promotion / plug is this.
Check out her blog which updates her travels
Check out her website which is worth checking out. Love the design
Buy her CD here. You can hear samples of her music too.

Seriously - I mean it. You won't be disappointed.