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Friday, November 19, 2004

Nicked Off

After a lifetime of shaving in the shower with a bar of Ivory soap to lather my face, I finally decided to switch to shaving cream. I'd experimented with it before, but never really found it that much better and I rarely nick my face, so the lotioning aspect wasn't a plus either. But for some reason, just got it in my system that I needed to use shaving cream. So as I've reached the bottom of my first can of cream I went to look for what other options I have in the world of lather. You know what I found? There's not much choice for men. Now women, they can choose from plain, strawberry, cucomber melon, lavendar, and about a dozen other froo-froo scents. But us guys - nope - just one smell. I'm thinking why doesn't a cologne manufacturer such as Calvin Klien, Obsession or Polo come up with a shaving cream that smells like their cologne? That way when you are done shaving you have a nice smell and you can avoid the stinging pain of aftershave. If anyone knows of any other shaving solutions that will let me be close shaven and step out of the shower smelling masculine please let me know.