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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Uhhh, what just happened?

You ever have that feeling of something just happened, I can describe it to you in vivid detail, but I have absolutely no idea of how it all came about?

Well, let me give you an illustration.

Meet Baxter, Baxter Barrett that is. A somewhat mangy, duck footed Lhasa Apso. Yes, Friday evening, my wife and I begin discussing Christmas and birthday preasants for the boys. Next thing you know we're talking pets, then cats or dogs, then which dog are we going to get, then what time Saturday are we picking him up and at what truck stop between here and Carrol, Iowa (about 4-1/2 hours away) will we meet this family who is parting with their beloved friend.

You ever ride the Tower of Terror at MGM Studios? That feeling you get right before the loud metallic "Clank" when the brakes release and you plummit 13 stories to the bottom of the elevator shaft... Yeah, that's what I felt somewhere on the car ride to get Baxter.

Fortunately he's proven to be a great addition to the family. Now we just need to come up with some ideas for Christmas and birthday preasants for the boys.