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Monday, November 15, 2004

New Tunes

Long story short - I read a blog called NakedChurch by Andrew Zirschky a first year student at Princeton Theological Seminary. When I think of a grad student from Princeton, I conjure up images of bowties and cardigan sweaters. However, he somehow breaks that mold. A few weeks ago he posted about Neah Lee who is a classmate of his and also a very talented musician. I became infatuated with her music. To the extent that I went to her website and listened to the sample track of her song Free, which was the chorus on her website. Then to another website where I listened to their sample track which was the verse of the same song. So I spent the better part of a day flipping back and forth listening to the chorus on one site, then the verse on the other just to simulate being able to listen the the whole song.

Fortunately, I got her CD for my birthday and now I don't have to be such a dork. At this moment, I've got it in my computer mellowing out to the floating sounds of Neah Lee's [in]Significance album. Kind of an acoustic sounding, intimate worship style. Check it out.