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Monday, November 08, 2004

Out of Great Gift Ideas?

Having entered November in what seems to be record time (Seriously wasn't it just the 4th of July last weekend?) I am now faced with the eternal delima of Christmas shopping. The giving holiday is quickly approaching and the shopping days are being counted down. (46 left at the time of this post) Family gifts are easy to buy for. When all else fails - Angels for mom, shirt and tie for dad, whatever the latest toy is for the kids and something sparkly for my wife. But, the stupid office gift exchange is killing me. What do you get somebody when you put your gift on the pile and draw names to see who gets to go first to pick a gift out.

Last year I had it pegged, or so I thought. The perfect gift exchange item for a church office staff party.
Bobble Head Jesus

I was so excited when I found it last year, then ordered it, got it and was thrilled... until. Until someone (no names) says "That's retarded, no one is going to want that" My bobbling bubble was burst and I sadly decided that someone should enjoy Jesus, so I unwrapped him and put him on my desk. Then, slowly people in the office began to pass by my office door and take note of my bobble headed friend. A growing envy became obvious. Those who previously criticized my plastic savior now wanted one for their own. Well too bad I told them. I'm keeping him and you can't have him. So positioned on my half used spindle of CD-R's is Jesus, head bouncing ever so gently up and down affirming to me that I should share with the world my greatest gift idea that I never gave . Too bad he can't tell me what to get this year. Maybe a bobble headed Virgin Mary. Then I could start a bobble headed nativity scene that our office could assemble like an advent calendar during the month of December. Maybe not.