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Thursday, November 11, 2004

It's Inevitable

Well, you know it's going to happen every year, and today is the day it happens. Yes I turned another year wiser. That's p.c. for older isn't it? 31 years old today.

Despite my waning sex drive and diming vision, the grey hairs have been around for years so I'm used to them by now, honestly I'm just happy to have hair, and I am still actually happy to be getting older. I think age has a sense of respect and I still feel like a kid at this job and felt that way at most of them I've had. It was always hard being the 25 year old punk managing the 50 year old guy with a lifetime more experience, just half the education. Finally my age is catching my responsibility and it feels good.

Hopefully my doctor will agree with me and quit with the free samples of the little blue pills and sign me up on the revolving prescription. Then life will be truly bluely bliss... Schwing!!!
- Hey just cause I'm getting old doesn't mean I have to grow up does it? Look out honey, I'm comin home with a plan, a purpose and a pursuit on my birthday. Now Brother Hagin probably didn't intend it that way when he preached it, but I knew what he was really saying subliminally through the spirit.