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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

When does trash become unedible?

Okay there has been much discussion below (see the comments of Blog titled "New Camera")about quality of television programming and trash tolerated in our lives. I certainly didn't mean to confuse anyone, but I do agree with Iman's comments about confusion and I myself am confused after reading my own comments, so let me clarify for further discussion.

Today's programming has, without question become incredibly trashy. Most of society would agree that a show isn't good unless there is murder and sex. But if you look at most sex on tv, it's not just sex, but now it's adultress sex, or gay sex or three way sex, or who knows what else I've forgotten.

While violence affects many people in society today, I won't bother researching and quoting statistics from countless studies that prove violent crime is linked with video games and television. Blah Blah Blah, we've all heard that stuff before. In reality I don't find it as offensive, or maybe I don't find it as tempting, which then offends me that I've been tempted. Really, when was the last time you watched CSI or Alias and thought to yourself. "Oooh, I could hide the bodies in my basement like that and then no one could find them..." Violent crime is just not as readily available in our everyday lives as sex, so I'll talk about sexy trash on tv.

Sex on tv, which tempts me more and thereby offends me more is all over the place. Not tempted like "oooh, if only my neighbor lady would wash her car in short cutoffs and a skimpy shirt, then rign out the sponge all over her chest." First, my neigbor lady is like 60 and ick - and second, more tempting like putting those thoughts in my head to think about later. I've always held that a TV show is over when it's characters start sleeping with eachother. From 90210 to Friends, it's happened in about every series. As soon as sex (How many clicked that link???) begins, you can watch the creativity go down and the show is in it's last half. So I don't know what happens when the show starts with sex. Guess I'll monitor this one and find out.

So, the original question from Chad, "Is Desperate Housewives less trashy than what the commercials would make you believe?" My answer - Yes, less trashy than the commercials, but to make a better illustration than cake in the trash can (which at some point seemed brilliant, but now seems incredibly stupid) While less trashy, it is still incredibly trashy. While a nuclear bomb kills more people than a suitcase full of C4 explosives, they both are still very bad and both still kill people. I'll be honest, I've watched a couple of episodes of Housewives and find it entertaining, even humorous, and I can without a doubt see why it is so popular. But, I have to ask myself, am I eating good, clean cake - or am I eating dirty cake out of the garbage. Both taste good, one is just covered with trash that may make you sick. Ha - see I knew I could make that illustration work.