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Friday, October 22, 2004


I have one word... just one word for anyone contemplating joining in holy matrimony with another in the near future. "ELOPE"

My sister is getting married tomorrow and when I came home to my parent's house for the event, I instantly was hit with a high level of tension and conflict. Now mind you it wasn't over anything of global importance such as weapons of mass destruction, and there certainly weren't any mass graves uncovered in the back yard - although digging some in preparation may be a thing of forsight. No, my sister and mother are like the United States and USSR of the 70's. My sister has her missiles pointed at mom and mom has them pointed back. All over some issue of tiny paper bags to be filled with popcorn. Why??? Who Cares! D├ętente would better serve my family than it did the US and USSR.

If my sister and her husband of tomorrow would have eloped and returned a few weeks later to a nice party in celebration of their marriage, everyone would have been happier and I could call the earth moving company and had them stop digging the mass graves in the back yard. But, alas - everyone thinks they need a Cinderella wedding complete with carriage and glass slippers. The foolishness of youth I guess. Any of you elope? Anyone now wish you had?