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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gone, But Not Forgotten

I left Thursday morning on my way out of town to fly with my wife to Washington DC. She's returning next Monday, but I'll stay on for business until Thursday. Then on Thursday I fly back to Denver and meet my wife at the airport so we can drive up the mountain to do a little skiing at Copper Mountain until the following Monday. Then finally I'll be back home and able to sleep in my own bed.

I'll make sure to post as often as I can about my adventures in DC, both personal and business. As I was running around packing and double checking my lists of what I need to do and pack I created a list of what I want to accomplish in DC.

1. See as many sites as possible with my wife
2. Eat as much good food as possible
3. Convince my wife that a Subaru is the perfect choice for our next vehicle
4. Finish reading and write a review for at least one of the two books I was given and get it posted (good book - not enough time)
5. Make some "political connections" with some of the other 70 plus people traveling to DC on this trip
6. Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night
7. Experience at least two new things
8. Learn as much as possible