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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

In Rememberance Of...

I'm on my way out of the office to head back to Iowa for a funeral. Deann's grandpa passed away earlier this week. While death is never fun, this was somewhat of a relief for her family. Her grandpa was 95 and in the beginning stages of dimentia, so while no one wanted him to die, no one was sad that he's gone to be in a better place. I figure if I've lived for 95 years, I will have had a good life and will probably be ready to move on.

The trip should bring good memories and lots of new stories. Some I won't be able to blog about, but let me just say the Klever side of her family is wild and crazy in many, many ways.

While thinking about funerals, I came across this article and though, "WOW! There's a side to funerals you wouldn't normally considder." It's about a company in England that custom makes coffins. They mention the cockpit of an airplane, a dog sled, a skateboard and an egg as some of their designs.