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Monday, March 12, 2007

Differentiate Yourself As Well As Your Product

I would argue that what we wear on the weekends, while important to our self-esteem is not nearly as important as what we wear during the week.

In a shallow sort of way, we tend to look first toward the outward appearance and make an initial judgement of what that person must be like before ever meeting them. It is for this reason that I say what we wear on the weekend isn't that important.

On the weekend we play. We hang out with friends and have a good time. Our friends are people we already know and whom we are already acquainted with. Therefore, our level of fashion isn't that crucial because a true friend will still like you, even if you wear moderately nice clothes, but not high fashion.
However, during the work week, you are interacting with people that you don't know well, if at all. For this reason, I think you have to continually put your best shoe forward. Of course you still have to dress to fit the career, but even a stuffy banker can spice things up a bit with a shirt that isn't a button down oxford. This shirt maintains professionalism while exuding style. This shirt is professional, but a little stuffy and looks like every other banker on the block.

So, if the concept is to differentiate your product to be different than the rest so your product gets remembered, why would you dress like the rest so your product is remembered, but you're not?
Just make sure that what you are being remembered for is a good thing and not something else like this guy I ran into last week. If low rider jeans are in, then I think we all agree high rider polyester is out.

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