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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Getting Caught Up

Let me first apologize on my gross inconsistency in blogging lately. Though vacation was the cause of one week, I have no excuse for the week before or after, but not having an excuse never stopped me from giving one.

Vacation is great! Coming back from vacation sucks!!! I came back with a sun tan that started to peel, a bruised heel from playing sand volleyball, somehow I was two pounds lighter and I had 147 unread emails. So while life in Can Cun was great, coming back wasn't so great.

So before I hit the blogging world with the full force of my genius, I'll ease back into it with my life in bullet points.
  • I think I had a little writer's block, but feel it's leaving now.
  • My department at work is getting audited, but I'm really not stressed about it.
  • My assistant is VERY stressed about it.
  • We set up a 55 gallon fish aquarium for my boys as a combined birthday present.
  • I now spend every evening hypnotized by the bubbles and fish.
  • I love Lost and loved Hurley driving that VW van last night with Three Dog Night blasting on 8 track. Just a hunch, but I think that the song is somehow symbolic of what is going to happen on the island soon.
  • I have 85 minutes of video from our vacation and planned on editing it and putting some up for people to watch, but then realized I don't have the software needed to edit on a Mac. I guess I'm off to buy some software.
  • I actually attended a Mac user group meeting and it felt oddly strange as I sat with other people cracking jokes about Windows users and had to fight the urge to defend them.
  • I was asked to write a column for the local news paper on business and have a week to get it done. Now I'm feeling the writer's block come back... Any suggestions???