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Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Valentine's Day Recap

Last night was Valentine's Day and my wife and I along with another couple went out for dinner at the Ritz Grill in down town Colorado Springs. The highlight of the meal was the Chocolate Hazelnut Pyramid, which you can see in the picture of their dessert tray above. Almost as divine as my lovely wife's smile. (It never hurts to suck up)

We've now spent 15 V-Days together and if you ever hear her complain about our V-Day track record, remind her that she should have known from the start things weren't going to get much better. I compare it to signing up with a new vendor who on the very first delivery has everything wrong. In business, at that point you either say "get lost" or "I'll suffer while you grow into your ability".
Well, my wife has undoubtedly suffered through some bad V-Days. My fondest moment is still eating pizza and playing ski ball on our first V-Day together at Chuck E Cheese with her and two of her friends along with two of my friends who were all dressed up. I figure if you set the bar low, you don't have to work hard to make it over the bar next year. Am I right?

Any way, last night was light years beyond Chuck E Cheese. First, I actually remembered to get her a card. Who knew what a brilliant thing that would have been 15 years ago? Then a nice dinner at a restaurant that doesn't have a play area for little kids. Great conversation the whole night through and I look like Don Juan instead of Don Quixote.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do next year to top this year. Fortunately I have a whole year to work it out, or convince her that this year was a total fluke and I'll most likely be back to my old ways next year. Do you think chili dogs and paint ball would be better than Mac-n-Cheese and playing the X-Box I got her as a gift?