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Monday, January 08, 2007

The Principle of Money

As a young, somewhat impressionable college student, I sat in my anthropology class and listened to Dr. DuBose talk about how she would never invest in some mutual funds because some of the companies they owned stock in were companies she didn't ethically agree with. She told the class about Nestle, as in Nestle's Crunch and how they had wronged some tribe in Africa back in the 70's because they forced their product on them as an underprivileged society.

I didn't understand the entirety of what she was saying and though I don't share the exact set of ethics she holds, I have learned to ask myself the question "Which is more important, the money or the principle?" It's easy to claim principle until you're faced with the decision, then it becomes a little more difficult.

This article made me realize how far from Nestle we've come, or haven't come depending on your point of view, in the money vs. principle argument.