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Friday, December 22, 2006

All I Want For Christmas Is To Sleep In

Times have changed for me. I'm growing older and am becoming separated from my youth. Though these differences are prevalent on a daily basis, they come to the forefront around Christmas.

When I was younger all I wanted for Christmas was everything in the JC Penney's catalog.
Now I can't come up with enough things I want to give each family member one suggestion.

When I was younger all I wanted was to get up and catch Santa climbing up the chimney.
Now I want to sleep until around 9:30, shower, shave and eat breakfast before I think about gifts.

When I was younger, I could have cared less about the big meal and just wanted to play with my toys.
Now that I'm older all I think about is how many calories are in those candied yams.

When I was younger I loved playing video games on my Atari 2600 or Commodore 64. I would pack my games up and take them to grandma's house and play until my eyes were bloodshot.
Now that I'm older... wait, I still want to play video games. In fact I'm going downstairs to finish my game of Frogger on PS2.

At least somethings will never change.
Please tell me I'm not alone in this, or does everyone else still act like a kid on Christmas morning?