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Monday, December 18, 2006

In the Christmas Spirit

I took today off from work (except the quick interview with the news paper I did for an upcoming article) and went shopping.

I've learned that I am way behind in the modern marvel of Christmas shopping. I've discovered that "sensible" people have it all done by the 18th of December. Why? Because there aren't any good sales this time of year. But, I'm not in it for the sales. I'm in it for the holiday spirit and reviving the memories of being a kid and walking in the shopping mall with my mom and dad surrounded by people carrying shopping bags and listening to Christmas music being piped in every store you walk into.

This morning we knocked out the last of the things my wife saved for me to go get for the boys. Now we are heading out to have the boys shop for each other and then for us guys to go shop for our one and only girl in the family. Would it be innapropriate to walk an 8 and a 4 year old into Victoria Secrets and ask, "Now boys, don't you think your mom would look hot in this?" Hmmm - I'll have to think about that. Perhaps I'm better to go with something more conservative and fuzzy from Sears.