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Friday, December 15, 2006

Busting Bureaucracy

bu·reauc·ra·cy - An administrative system in which the need or inclination to follow rigid or complex procedures impedes effective action: innovative ideas that get bogged down in red tape and bureaucracy.

I hate bureaucracy with a devout passion. It truly aggrivates me at every turn. Yet, I spend much of my time, and it seems more than usual lately, trying to break through it. I love streamlined efficiencies where people are allowed to be free to accomplish the task at hand. This is what entrepreneurialism is and will continue to hold at the center of it's strength.

Why did the small country of Vietnam defeat the giant mega power of the United States? They had no bureacracy to contend with.

Why were Dell and Gateway allowed to chip away at IBM's market share? They had no bureacracy.

I'd like to propose a national "Cut through the bureacracy day". On this sacred day, people across the country intentionally
buck their respective system and get things done aside from the system restraints.

Join with me and buck the system. Fight the bureacracy.