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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Are You Planning or Dreaming?

One of my favorite entrepreneurial quotes is, "A plan without a deadline is just a dream."

I hear lots of plans to start busiensses, expand businesses, make life better, provide back to the community that helped them. But, it is less frequent that I observe people making good on their plans.

Nick Graham is one guy... make that kid who has taken away all of the excuses we can come up with. He's too young at the age of 17. He doesn't have family support because his dad died when he was 4 and his mom left him. He didn't know anything about the grocery store industry and admits never going grocery shopping before. Not only does he not have a college degree, he hasn't even finished highschool. Those are just a few excuses I hear regularly that Nick has over come.

You can watch the video here and then feel guilty about not making your dream a reality. I know I feel a twinge of conviction to put a deadline on my dreams.

Thanks to Dane Carlson for the link.