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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A Screeching Halt

December 29th, 2006 was one year to the day that we moved from Mount Pleasant, Iowa to Colorado Springs. Today, January 2nd was one year to the day I first stumbled my way into my office and started the next leg in my career.

There were many reasons as to why we moved our family, but one reason was to be closer to my wife's family. Today I am extremely glad we made the decision.

In the middle of a "staff meeting" which was about to grow heated (see my previous post on confrontation) I got a call from my wife who told me her dad came over to our house after finding out he was diagnosed with lymphoma. Lots of details are still unknown and we all have lots of questions, but needless to say both my wife and I were extremely glad we were able to be there to support him and the rest of her family.

It's funny how all of life's seemingly important things come to a screeching halt and what is truly important quickly becomes the priority. Business is business and customers will probably be there tomorrow, but family is family and that's priority.