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Friday, October 20, 2006

When Good Customer Service Isn’t Enough

If you know anything at all about customer service, you are aware that Disney has a reputation for being the best. They provide incredible levels that leave guests walking out wondering, “How did they know just exactly what I needed?”

This proved to be a bit of a two edged sword this time. Don’t get me wrong, the customer service was good. However, there wasn’t any magic in everything. For example, we used the Disney's Magical Express to pick us up from the airport. If you’re not familiar with it, before your trip, Disney mails you luggage tags which identify your bags to cast members who collect your bags for you when you land in Orlando. Then you get on a tour bus which takes you to your resort. Later that day your bags are delivered to your room for you. It was a good service, but here’s where Disney missed it. The bus was playing relaxing light jazz as we drove to the resort. Some kind of sax music, which I thought was appropriate, but what would have been better would be to have had light jazz Disney music playing "It’s a small world" or "Zip-a-dee-doo-da" on sax. It was good, but not great.

Another example is once we arrived to check in at the resort, there was of course a line. This was impossible to avoid because we just got off a bus with a bunch of people, who were now in line with us. Knowing the last thing a bunch of kids are going to want to do after a plane ride is sit in line, they installed a movie area for the kids to watch, what else, Disney programming to keep them entertained while the parents checked in. But, we were staying at the All Star Movie resort and what I felt was missing was something as simple as popcorn. I’m walking into a movie theater looking building titled Movie Resort and while the movie to watch was good, I expect great and wanted to smell and taste fresh popcorn while I stood in line.

I found myself the first few days walking around nit picking all of the good stuff. It was as if I was expecting Mickey Mouse himself to come leaping out of the lobby and say “Gosh Mr. Barrett, we know how much fun you’re having and know you have to return home soon, so I spent all afternoon doing your laundry and ironing for you so you won’t have any to do when you get home. Thanks for coming!”

A two edged sword. Good isn’t good enough when you expect great.