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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Process of Visiting Disney

I tend to be process oriented. I enjoy understanding how and why things work and what the reason is for the order of which things occur. Everything in life can have a process put to it. Many problems in business are caused because processes aren’t in place. So, after analyzing our trip to Disney, I put it into these distinct processes.

ANTICIPATION– I can’t wait to get inside.

ARRIVAL– Woo Hoo, we’re here.

EXCITEMENT- Sugar, adrenaline, more sugar - whee!

FULFILLMENT- I've waited all my life to give Eeyore a hug.

MELTDOWN– I’m not tired and I don’t have an attitude! Hmmph!

EXHAUSTION– zzzzzzz…. maybe I'm just a little tired.

RETURN TO REALITY– Good by Orlando, hello snow!