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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Doggie Dodge Ball for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs by definition are self starters who prefer to do it themselves. This is what makes them willing to take the leap, risking it all and depending only on themselves to make it work. This is also what makes it difficult for many to succeed. No one person can successfully be an island. It takes a supporting cast with a wide and varied array of talents and skills to make the entrepreneur successful.

So, when you find yourself doing something that isn't your strength, you should stop and find help, or try something else. For example, if you ever find yourself playing dodge ball with a dog at 2:30am in your pajamas and flip flops you should probably evaluate the situation you've managed to get your self into. Let me explain.

Last night at 2:30am, our dog, Baxter, woke my wife up because he needed to go out. To add to her frustration, Baxter decided he needed to stop and drink an entire bowl of water before going out. Finally he trotted out to the back yard and did his business. But, before coming back in he decided it would be necessary to bark at the neighbor's dog. This prompted my wife to walk out into the grass and try to grab the dog by the collar to drag him back inside. Unfortunately for her, he wasn't ready and thought this was an invitation to play, so he began to run around the yard.

Somehow the thought of grabbing one of our boys balls and hurling it at the dog crossed my wife's mind and was processed as a good idea. So as the dog continued to run circles around the yard, barking at the neighbor's dog, my wife stood in the middle, illuminated by moonlight, dressed in PJ's and flip flops, whipping a variety of plastic and rubber balls at Baxter's head.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, dodge ball has never been a strength of my wife and Baxter went unscathed throughout the ordeal until finally deciding he was ready to return to our bedroom to go back to sleep.

My point: If you ever find yourself playing doggie dodge ball at 2:30am, you may want to consider why, and are you qualified to handle this situation alone.