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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Disney World is Waiting

I'll be away from the blogosphere for a few days as my family and I head to Florida for some Disney action.
I love going to Disney World and especially Epcot Center. It is truly magic.
I also love experiencing some of the best customer service on the planet. I'm taking notes, so when I get back I'll share my experiences with you all.

My kids are off the hook excited. My youngest son has this piggy bank where he has been stashing every nickle, dime and penny he can get his hand around for the purpose of going to Disney World. My dad, who never seems to help the situation much always feeds him change by the handful and has even invented games to give him more change. Well yesterday, the bank cracked open at the bank and all was counted... and counted... and counted. Finally a total of $200.45 was paid out to a 4 year old blond kid on his way to see the big mouse. WHAT THE HECK!!! I had to earn my money the hard way. I worked for it. My kids, they wrestle their grandfather for $3.00 in quarters.

So, while I'm gone and busy asking a 4 year old if I can borrow some money, I've given you several links below to entertain you. These are just some fun and quirky places I've discovered recently.

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Overheard in New York

Now don't stray too far, because I'll be back no later than Wednesday.