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Thursday, October 05, 2006

On a Personal Note

Taking a break from business blogging for the moment... I feel horrible.
I've never been hung over, but I just confirmed with someone in my office that the way I feel is equivalent to being hung over. My head feels thick and my mouth is dry. I have a low grade headache and the room spins slightly when I move too fast.

Alcohol and a wild night on the town is not to blame for this feeling, instead it is the dentist, a now absent wisdom tooth and prescription of vicodin that is at fault. I took today off sick, but managed to strap the shirt and tie on for a 2:00 appointment and a photo shoot with a local magazine. Now I'm going home to crawl into bed and cover my head and pass out.

By the way - a special note of thanks to my sister-in-law, who stopped by last night and suggested I double up on vicodin for the first night because it makes things better. I think that advice is like saying, don't just do one shot of tequilla, drink the whole bottle, it makes things much better, but forgets to tell you about what the next morning will be like.

Hopefully tomorrow I can blog about my drug induced dreams / hallucinations that are always present when I'm stoned on narcotic drugs.