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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Flexibility of Small Businesses

A while back I mentioned changes in weather as I traveled around the country. This week I didn't have to travel at all and had similar experiences. Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day. It was mid 70's and clear skies. This morning I woke up the scene above. The first snow of the year.

Now I know some of you think it's gotten a little chilly in your neck of the woods... or desert as the case might be, but as I sat at dinner last night with my lovely wife, all I wanted to do was go shopping like it was Christmas Eve.

This won't be the end of the weather changing though as Thursday morning I climb aboard a plane bound for Florida, where the highs have been in the 80's all week.

The way I plan on surviving this week of weather is the same way we survive the turbulent changes in small business. We prepare as best as we can, then we improvise, adapt and overcome. In the same way you should never allow yourself to go to Florida wearing a t-shirt, under a sweatshirt, under a fleece jacket because that's what you needed in Colorado, you can't allow yourself to hold onto the same product, service, vendor, client, employee or any other thing that is weighting you down and causing you to sweat uncontrollably. Shed the unneeded layers and keep you small business agile and flexible.

Here's a great article from Fast Company about staying flexible with your employees.