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Friday, September 29, 2006

Ridiculous Vocabulary

I consider my vocabulary to be fairly well developed. I give my father the credit for handing me Reader's Digest magazines as a kid and having me read Word Power. However, I have also learned to turn it off and on. For example, when I meet with the stereotypical construction worker, I talk on their level and don't use "ginormous" words so I look important or more educated or whatever might be the underlying motivation that some people in meetings I've been attending recently have.

For example, here are some words I've heard at meetings from this week alone:
Unveneered feedback (not in dictionary, but I like it anyway)

Perhaps this is in your quotidian confabulation, or perhaps you share my perturbation. Either way, I hope you cognize my pith, which is don't try to impress people with how you say it, impress them with what you say. Emotion and compassion speak much more loudly than the thesaurus.