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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Answers.com: The encyclodictionalmanacapedia

I remember where I was when the space shuttle crashed, when the twin towers were hit and where I was when I learned about Google. I wonder if I’ll remember I was walking around the exhibitors at my conference last week when I learned about Answers.com.

A unique website and software combination that provides information on over three million topics such as technology, marketing, accounting, legal, administration, management, et cetera. For example, I want to bend some wood so I can make my own drums. Ask Answers.com "How to bend wood" and they give you an answer. Ask them "What is a hurricane" and you get an answer for that.

Not to be confused to Google, which only provides links to what you are trying to figure out, Answers provides the actual answer and gives you information on where the answer came from. Some answers are better than others, and some are a little more googlesque. With some really convenient features like “Alt+clicking” on a word to have an “information bubble” pop up without having to open a new window and a free, downloadable toolbar offering other useful features, which the company reps claimed they will keep pure by not adding spy ware like Google’s tool bar I’ll use if for a while and see if it sticks or if it fades like many other Internet fads that seemed to be the next greatest thing. Remember go.com? The little stoplight? That was supposed to be the greatest thing, now it’s on the trash heap with countless other Internet fads.

Only time will tell. Until then give it a try and see what you think.