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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Good music leads to bad decisions

I made it to Denver last night in good time. No problems with traffic. I ate before I left home, so I wasn't hungry when I got here. I was more anxious to watch the 2 hours of Lost. By the way, I hate it when they advertise it as "new" and build it up like it's going ot reveal new things then they recap the whole show for an hour. The 2nd hour was good. Did anyone else notice that the two logos for Dharma (the company that does the project from the bunker) are different? The one from the tail section side of the island showed a lightning bolt or some kind of straight arrow thing while the one from the other side fo the island showed a swan. Feeds my theory perfectly that the whole show is based on a group dynamics / psychology experiment gone crazy. More on Lost in another posting perhaps.

I have made several serious errors in judgement since arriving here. First, after Lost last night I was hungry again, so I figured I'd go eat a bite at some local place. For some reason I decided a Mexican burito from an Irish pub called Duffey's Shamrock (top 10 of Denver's pubs) sounded good. They called it the "Duffarito". It was good, but at 11:00 at night maybe not the best idea.

Second I didn't sleep well last night. I never sleep well when Deann's not in bed with me. Sweet, I know, but a pain in the butt if you're trying to fall asleep at 1:30am. So to fix this for tonight, I decide to go work out in the hotel's fitness room. Strap on my iPod, lace up the shoes and decend the elevator from 12 to 5. By the way, anyone ever notice that most hotels don't have a 13th floor? I knew that, but kind of forgot it, so I took a picture to share the "tridecaphobia"

After 300 calories in 18 minutes on the treadmill, a few reps of leg extensions to strengthen my screwed up knee, I get the idea to head to the sauna. I set the timer for about 15 mintues and sit in a blistering hot confined wood box. Then my Ipod starts playing really pump up music, so I put in a few crunches in the sauna. Another great song (The Notion by FM Static) a few more crunches. Yet another great song (Vertigo by U2) a few more crunches. By this time every time the cord on my iPod hits my arm it burns because it's so hot from the sauna. Then my undoing. After about 60 crunches Radar Love by White Lion comes on. (Click to watch the video) I so want my hair to look like that guy's, cause I know if I did and I got a pool table and played my drums like that Deann would so be dancing for me like that. Am I right???

So anyway, genius me decides it would be great to do some cardio in the sauna. Yeah, that's a great idea! So I do about 4 minutes of modified up-downs in the sauna. Finally the inside of my nose is burning from breathing such hot air. I open the door, stagger out and the 70 degree hallway feels like the Arctic.

Now my legs are cramping and I'm hungry, so I'm going to shower, eat and go see a movie then come home and pass out for a good night's sleep.

At least I have a nice view from my window.