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Friday, December 16, 2005

Dissapointed in Google

I just came home, sat in the recliner and turned on CNBC's Power Lunch to see what's new in the finacial world. I hear news that makes my stomach turn. Seriously.

I just heard that Google is not only partnering with AOL - Time Warner, but is paying $1Billion for a 5% stake in the company as well.

What really disappoints me about this is that Google has always been that independant, raw, last of the free internet place to go to get everything you want. Aside from the best results when I search, I quit going to Yahoo and MSN years ago to search because of the junk they bring up on your screen to search. Not even pop ups, just the latest celebrity gossip or hottest news story. I want my plain white screen and simple search engine with the power of a jet engine.

Maybe you don't understand my concern. Mac users, this would be like if you just heard that Microsoft bought 51% of Apple. Chiefs fans, this would be like if you heard the Owner of the Raiders just bought the Chiefs. My concern is that at part owner in AOL - Time Warner, Google will now become another big corperation that doesn't care about performance as much as they do profit.

Okay, venting over. Back to my power lunch.