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Thursday, January 05, 2006

I'm Back...

I'm back to blogging. Thanks for your patience during my move. We're getting settled and adjusted to the altitude.

I started my new job Tuesday and WOW! I can't say as to how the job is only because all I've done is read through file after file, deal with the IT and benefits department, and all that first week on the job stuff, but WOW! (I'll get to the WOW later)

My schedule is filling up pretty quick.

I'm in Denver next Thursday and Friday. (at the Adam's Mark I might add)
I'm having lunch with President and VP of US Bank the week after.
I'm having coffee with the president of SCORE tomorrow.
I just picked out a Gateway Convertable Notebook to use outside the office. I'm not necissarily a Gateway fan, but their is some kind of contract with them here. I suppose it will go nicely with my 19" flat screen on my desk.
Speaking of my desk, I'm trying desparately to find my little cord that connects my camera to my computer because the view out of my office window is WOW! I promise I'll somehow get a pic up, but until then I'll paint a word picture of what "WOW" is.

My office is large. In comparison, not rediculously large, but a conference table and two desks still leave plenty of room in my corner office. Out one window I see only two large pine trees which help block the morning sun. Sometimes I can almost smell the pine needles. Out the window behind my desk I look over Austin Bluffs Pkwy, a fairly busy street, but since I'm up a ways, when I sit the street is almost blocked by the window sill. Pine trees and houses dot the scenery until it reaches the red rocks jutting out of the ground at the base of the mountain. It is almost as if God pinched the ground and left these amazing rock formations known as the Garden of the Gods just for me to look at. They rest quitely at the base of Pikes Peak. Above, the pale blue sky lays across the snow capped peak at over 14,000 feet. Sunlight glistens off the snow and every rock jutting out from the trees. Remembering my old office window which looked out on the parking lot and my boss' car I am certain of one of the reasons why I'm here.

Real pictures to come... I promise