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Thursday, December 15, 2005


I love Rumors. Filled with such great stuff to listen to, Rumors is perhaps one of my favorite things to listen to, and I’m not alone. Rumors has been very popular across the generations. Besides that, Stevie Nicks’ vocals are so floaty, it takes me to another place when I listen.

Oh – you thought I meant rumors, like a piece of unverified information of uncertain origin usually spread by word of mouth and not Rumors, the 1990 Fleetwood Mac album.

Well, since that is what you were thinking, let me take some time and fill you in on the latest rumors around here. Since my resignation became public knowledge 3 weeks ago, I’ve heard all sorts of rumors as to why I’m leaving. Some funny, some partially true, and some are just ridiculous.

What people were told publicly: “Pastor Matt has resigned.”

What I told people individually: “This is a great opportunity and we are very excited. It will bring us closer to Deann’s family and family is very important to us.”
  • Rumor 1 – I’m leaving because they started a Saturday night service.
  • Rumor 2 – I’m leaving because My wife doesn’t get along with the Senior Pastor’s wife.
  • Rumor 3 – I’m leaving because we recently had an argument with our Senior Pastor over a very trivial incident.
  • Rumor 4 – I’m leaving because our Senior Pastor admitted he made a mistake when he hired me.
  • Rumor 5 – I’m leaving because I’m burned out like the last associate pastor was.
  • Rumor 6 – I’m leaving because (this is my favorite) we are too poor to afford living here.

HA! - I’ll say it again - HA!

In psychology class they taught us about the Gestalt theory, where the human brain likes completion and as a result it will do things like take a bunch of random dots on a page and see a Dalmatian sniffing the ground. I think this is what’s happened here. People are having a hard time figuring out why we are “really” leaving. Some have even implied they know why, when very few actually do. So I think people feel a need to make the connection between what they think they know and what they wish they knew. Thus, a rumor is born.

All this when the truth is that we are trying to move to Washington state where we are free to live our life according to the way we want. (link)

NO – not really, but that would be a great rumor to start. Again – HA!