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Friday, January 06, 2006

The Greasy Spoon Review

For those of you who know me, you know that while I can fit in and socialize at a black tie event, my first choice is jeans and t-shirts. So, why fight it? I figure I am who I am and no point in hiding that. Eating out I'm the same way. I can do formal, but prefer the American tradition of a greasy spoon. I love eating at dirty dives where you don't really want to have to watch the food being prepared, you just want to eat it because it tastes so good.

That leads me to my first Greasy Spoon Review. Since I frequent such dining places fairly often, I thought I'd start writing reviews of them.

Friday for lunch we ate at Sheldon's Luncheonette. (by the way - don't expect links to visit websites for these places. They are barely on the map, much less on the web) There are evidently 3 in Colorado Springs, but we ate at the 204 Mount View Ln location.
First impressions:
Small cafeteria feeling. Wonderful smell of grease. Lots of ambient noise from conversation and open grill where cooks were busy cooking.

(Tyler and I waiting for our order to come)

What I ordered:
Chocolate Malt (half - split it with my father in law. Still came in a large malt glass. If you order one by yourself, they bring out the metal malt mixer container with the glass.
Roast beef Sandwich - queen size (half order)

My sandwich - just a little gravy huh?

(That's about all I could eat)

The chocolate malt was by far the best I've had in years. The only place I've ever been that is perhaps better is Jay's in Shenandoah, Iowa, where they used to crack a raw egg into the malt to make it more rich.

The sandwich was great. The roast beef, not shaved thin like many places serve it, but thick juicy layers of beef on bread, covered with real mashed potatoes and the whole plate covered in gravy. The gravy, which can tend to be a question mark at a lot of places was very good. Not watered down and thin, but thick and milky the way gravy should be. My only negative was the bread. I would have liked a little more bread to soak up the extra gravy I had.

The atmosphere was tremendous. we sat next to 2 guys who worked for the city utilities and had a great conversation with them. The decor was just enough not to be gaudy. It was natural in the sense that they weren't trying too hard to bring atmosphere in like an Applebees does.

It's close to work, I plan on making it a regular place to eat.
I give it 3-1/3 dirty spoons.