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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Changing Leaves Change my Taste

I'm not sure why (I'm sure someone who took their degree in psychology more seriously than I did could) but ever since one winter season in highschool my taste in music changes with the weather. Sure enough, as soon as the trees in the yard (yes that's actually a tree in my yard) started shedding beautiful yellow and orange leaves this fall, I switched off the pop/alternative stations and started tuning in classical and jazz. Something about the soft sounds of a muted trumpet or a violin sweetly singing above a symphony makes me long for fleece blankets on the couch and the feeling of warm air pushing through a vent in the floor.

I've recently updated my blog with some online radio stations that I listen to. You can check them out if you scroll down a bit. But check out this (link) from NPR - an example of how much my style changes. From Nickelback, Linkin Park and ThirdDay to Wynton and Miles. Do I need counselling?