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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sexy Stocks or Monkey Business


In grad school I took an investments course. One point the instructor drilled into our heads was that a buy and hold strategy was always the best strategy. He quoted statistics such as "you have to be right 76% of the time to beat a buy and hold strategy." But another professor told me that 33% of all statistics are made up, so who knows?!?

There has long been urban legend of a group of chimpanzees who have been trained to throw darts at the stock pages of a newspaper and select a company to invest in. The chimps picks would then be compared against the educated decisions made by a Wall Street broker. The chimps win.

Well, leave it to Americans to take the ridiculousness of the chimps and use sex to sell the concept. No, not chimps and sex, but Playboy Playmates are now picking stocks. Evidently Trading Markets has 10 Playboy Playmates picking stocks to see how intelligent they are. Uh... Whatever - I'm sure right under turn on's is the question "What is your IQ?" and "How diversified is your portfolio?" You can follow along daily to see how they are doing here. (it is safe, but it does have links beyond that I'm not going to guarantee)

I'm surprised Fox hasn't made it a reality show. "Stock Strippers" or "Hot Tips" or something of that nature. We could tune in weekly to see who gets fired, or voted off, or some other mello-drama humiliation. We could all get together and pop popcorn and have an office pool on who's going to win.

As of Tuesday, Miss Amy Sue Cooper, Cyber Girl of the Year (pictured above on the right) was in the lead with a 47.92% ROI.

Thanks to Ramit Sethi for the link.