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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Experiencing Friday Night in Denver

This past Friday night was full of activity. So to keep you in touch with what's going on in my persoanl life (something my wife says I don't do enough blogging about anymore) I thought I'd tie business and personal life together with a photo illustration of Friday night.

My sister, Elizabeth and her husband Brian came in from New Jersey for a visit.

We decided to head up to Denver for some food and fun. Choosing Gallagher's Steak House for the food.

I was initially impressed by their atmosphere, which included a view of their meat selection. It gave it a real chop house sort of feel.

However, if the cost of the steak is $38 and sides are additional, there are a couple of things that I expect beyond being able to see a chunk of cow laying on a metal rack. First of all, I expect our server to be polite and friendly. After telling us "Our steaks are aged for 21 days", I said "So I have to wait 21 days to get a steak?" Okay, not as funny as I hoped and she had obviously heard the comment before, but the cold blank stare of "You're such an idiot" is something I expect from my wife and not from the waitress. The other thing I expect is a little cleanliness. As I looked up I noticed the ceiling tiles were water stained and looked moldy. Creating an experience for your customers goes beyond window dressing. It has to come from the heart and soul of every employee including the employees who clean the ceiling tiles.

"We need to look at our business as more than simply the building and selling of personal computers [that is, goods]. Our business is the delivery of information [that is, services] and lifelike interactive experiences." - Intel Chairman Andrew Grove as quoted in The Experience Economy.

So after our meal, we headed to Sing Sing. A local dueling piano establishment.

Talk about talent. Talk about an experience. Four guys rotate through playing on two grand pianos. They played everything from Bon Jovi's Living On A Prayer to Charlie Daniel's Devil Went Down to Georgia. The fiddle solo was incredible on a piano. The whole crowd sang and cheered and laughed as the performers got everyone wrapped up in the experience. I'm still singing "Fire on the mountain, run boys run"

Well, almost everyone. This couple couldn't take thier lips off each other. GET A ROOM!