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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lost in Lost

Did anyone watch Lost last night? 2 words – “HOLY SMOKES”

So the show was good and in typical Lost form. But how many of you caught the advertisement for the Hanso Foundation?

Hanso Foundation is not a real foundation. It is part of the Lost show – a fake commercial. They give a website www.sublymonal.com. You go there and see television screens in a circle with the word “obey” in the middle. Click "obey" and find the right screen and start clicking. But pay attention to how many times you click it before you can move on to the next screen. Think it’s a coincidence that the number of times you have to click each screen in order is 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42? Do those numbers look at all familiar to anyone?

So then after clicking the code, another screen loads where a tv screen gives a sublumonal message which is “Heir Apparent”. Just beneath the screen is a hidden link that when you click it opens another website (make sure you have the latest flash plugin) Even if you have the right plug in the following message appears anyway.

You are seeing this message, as you don't seem to have the correct or the latest version of the Flash plugin installed.Please download the latest flash plugin here.If you are sure you reached this page in error click here to go directly to the site.
Thank you and Namaste,
The Hanso Foundation

Get the plugin, then click the second "here" and the Hanso Foundation's website loads. This site is full of needles in haystacks. For example, the site is in flash, so if you right click and click "show all" a login appears. Haven't figured out what the username is, but another needle I'm sure. Beware - the haystack is huge!

Also, if you go to "Newsletter Sign Up" and enter in anything for a screen name, it appears that the computer is being hacked and you are asked if you can read this. Type "yes" and then enter something for the password. You are told to call the number from the tv ad which is 877-HANSORG or 877-426-7674. I called and found the password which is "breaking strain" go to the newsletter sign up again and enter this in for the password and you get another needle. Will it ever end???

I'm so lost in Lost.