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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


A quick explanation: I had intended to write several posts about the wonderful educational experience I had at Estes Park last week, but in truth the only applicable and interesting education I had is 1000 feet of elevation makes a big difference when running. Colorado Springs at 6500 feet was nothing compared to the 7500 feet of Estes Park. It still makes my lungs burn and heart pound.

So instead I'll save the boredom of economic development rhetoric and share my thoughts on anticipation instead.

From the Internet Encyclopedia of Personal Construct Psychology "Anticipation is what motivates the person, being 'both the push and pull of the psychology of personal constructs'. As a consequence, 'it is the future which tantalizes man, not the past. Always he reaches out to the future through the window of the present"

I'm working with a group of people within the city on what has been dubbed "the meeting of the minds". Still not sure how I got invited to be part of this group, but I wasn't going to question their wisdom and insight ;)

We are literally 2 meetings away from rolling out this new and innovative program that has the potential to effect the entire economy of Colorado Springs. At this morning's meeting, I noticed the anticipation of everyone growing and the energy increasing. All of the mundane details we were working out just seemed to fall into place and no one seemed to care about switching from large scope visionary mentality to narrow scope nuts and bolts which is a transition that often times kills a project like this.

The anticipation was naturally created in this instance, but I think it has to be massaged a little in other instances. A self reflective question: "As we each lead our respective organizations, what are we doing to create anticipation that will help our followers reach out to the future through the window of the present?"