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Monday, November 28, 2005

Cliffhangers Part 4 of 4

[on a side note, I'm not sure why these are starting to sound more and more like a novel and less and less like my writing, but it's fun to write and I hope fun to read]

"Nine months, maybe a year ago", I began "I began to think about leaving. Then about six months ago, I got pretty serious about looking and a month ago things got very serious. I have been offered a job and I accepted it. They want me to start the first week of January, so my last day in the office here will be December 28th."

Looking back, I'm not sure why I was so anxious about this meeting. I anticipated my hands shaking and my voice trembling, but soon realized I didn't need to be as worked up about it as I let myself get, so I realxed and enjoyed the rest of the conversation.

My boss was pretty cool about it all. No yelling, screaming or throwing chairs occurred. He decided he'd wait 2 Sundays to tell the congregation. That plan got changed when we found out my son Jacob had been telling everyone at school. So we upped the date and told everyone this weekend.

Things have been flying by ever since. We are signing papers on a contract on one of our rental houses Monday. We have a sign going in our yard today to sell our house where we live. We have had 2 people within the church ask about buying our other rental property here in town. I can't believe how fast things are happening.

In the words of my child hood influence:
"I love it when a plan comes together."

Thanks Hannibal!

So to sum it all up - no more cliffhangers.

  • My last day here is December 28th
  • We drive out to Colorado Springs the 29th and get there the 30th
  • We stay with Deann's parents until our house here sells
  • I start Jan 3rd at UCCS, but will actually spend that first week in Denver with the SBDC for training.
  • My job will be assisting people get financing for start up or expansion of small businesses and also helping them find contracts with big businesses. A lot of what I do will be networking myself and my clients.
  • The program should be the 2nd biggest in the state, but currently is the smallest of around 14. Big challenges, but big opportunities too.