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Monday, November 14, 2005

Time Out to Set the Record Straight

This recent posting about Halo, and ones to come has evidently stirred up some feelings among my readers. I often assume that everyone knows my sense of humor and can tell when I’m joking. However, I am frequently reminded that this is not the case. This may be one of those reminders.

Please understand that while the articles linked to are real, my opinions stated are not. I am in no way condoning spending more time with your X-Box (or even your friend’s X-Box) than with your wife. Nor am I suggesting that I am perfect and all of these reasons are tried and tested in my marriage.

In all honesty, Halo has caused many arguments in my marriage and I am at fault for 99.99% of them. I don’t know what the other 0.01% is, but if I think long enough, I’m sure I can make something up.

Seriously, (implying that the previous statement was a joke) Halo is fun to play, and I am grateful that my wife is gracious enough to agree to my playing from time to time (implying that she doesn’t “let” me like a parent would let a child, but rather she agrees to a mutual decision we make together). But I do recognize that it puts stress on a marriage if not done with moderation, which is my weakness with almost everything. I struggle with moderately playing Halo.

So allow me to set the record straight.

  • Do I like Halo? Yes
  • Does my wife? No
  • Do we agree on playing Halo? Not always
  • Do we work through our differences? Always
  • Does it build our marriage? Not yet – unless you count working through difficulties as building
  • Does it hurt our marriage? Halo doesn’t, my actions do.
  • Does she still love me? It was her idea to play on my birthday, so I must say yes.
  • Do I still love her? Even if she asked me never to play again, a definite YES.

Hopefully that gives light to what I say and will continue to say. Women, don’t boycott me this week. Pick my arguments apart and tell me why I’m wrong, if you think you can. You probably can’t, but try anyway. (that’s not a joke)