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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cliff Hangers Part 1

I love TV shows that have huge cliff hangers. Lost and Alias are two perfect examples. The problem with cliff hangers is they sometimes leave you disappointed, but you never feel disappointed while waiting. You feel tense, anxious and eager to see what happens next, but never disappointed. So, I'm going to give you the most exhilarating series of events that have occurred in the last week of my life.

Last Wednesday, I arrived at work at about the normal time. Nothing special that day accept I was planning on leaving a little early to make it to Chicago so I could fly out to Colorado Springs to see my wife's family. Deann and I were going out to be with her mother who is having back surgery today. While in Colorado Springs, a side venture became available; a secondary objective for our trip. A secret mission so to speak. So, the day wasn't entirely normal. I was anxious about undertaking this secret mission and accomplishing it with perfection.

All of the excitement of my mission was ended when I was told there is someone on the phone from the Burlington Police department who needs to talk to a pastor right away. Our senior pastor was away on a trip, so I defaulted and took the call. The police on the phone is never good, but there are many varying degrees of bad. Bad level one is A church member of yours got busted for public intox and asked for a pastor. Bad level two is, there's been an accident and they need a pastor. Bad level 3 is someone died, and Bad level 4... Well let's just say as I picked up the phone I had no idea how to respond when I was told that Kathi Mertens, a long-time member of our church was dead and they are investigating it as a homicide. Details of her death here. I scramble into action, send one pastor to be with the husband at the crime scene and another to be with the family at the house. The office work stops as we all contemplate murder.

Just 90 short minutes later, I wrap up the last of my work and head to Chicago where I board my plane headed for Colorado Springs, CO. The entire flight, my thoughts are on two things. Kathi Mertens and my 7:00am rendezvous the next morning. What would happen? How would I react? Would I be able to complete the mission I was on? Would I be eliminated?

Tune in tomorrow for the next episode of Matt's Life.