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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cliffhangers Part 2

Wednesday night I slept horribly. Part because I was in a different bed, part because of all of the days events, but mostly because of my 7:00am meeting. I was worried I'd miss my alarm, or just oversleep. I woke up at least once an hour and finally for good about 4:45am. My alarm was set for 5:45, but the anxiety must have been too much.

I showered, dressed and got in the car. Driving in Colorado Springs is a treat. Everywhere you go, you can see Pikes Peak. The song, America the Beautiful - "purple mountains majesty..." was written from the top of Pikes Peak. The amazing view of the mountains must have been what the song writer was thinking of when he scribed the words. This picture doesn't quite capture the intensity of the view, but it helps.

I arrived in the parking lot, and the brisk morning air was crisp and smelled fantastic. I walked to the building I was instructed to go into, and announced my arrival to the receptionist. Kathleen, her name made obvious by the plaque on her desk, told me to have a seat and she'd let them know. I waited for a short bit, then was instructed to follow a middle aged, middle-eastern man introducing himself as Venkat to the room. I walked in and was greeted by 7 individuals who seated me at the head of the table and began to interrogate me for 30 minutes. Then I was given the opportunity to prove my interrogation skills and was allowed to question the 7 individuals. My questioning must have been more than adequate because after only a few minutes Venkat cut me off and said, "We'll need to finish this questioning another time, can you come back later?" "Yes", I replied "When?" We agreed on 11:00am.

Returning back at 11:00 sharp, I found myself one on one with Venkat. Questions asked and answered for 15 minutes. He then said, "Matt, I want to offer you a job... contingent upon successful completion of one thing"

I sat in the chair wondering what was the one thing going to be. What could it be? First a phone interview via conference call, then an in person interview in front of a panel of potential colleagues. What else could there be that I would have to do to prove myself worthy of this job? Did I even want the job? Could I accept the responsibilities which would be drastically different than my present job?

These questions and more answered next time on Cliffhangers.