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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Strengthening Your Marriage with Halo: Part 2

Reason 2: It improves hand eye coordination

Women, most women that is (I’m generalizing a bit) like physical touch and affection. Not sex, but physical touch. Women like to hold hands for instance where as men are usually less touchy feely. Again a generalization I know, but it makes my point work better.

Men are not the best at this. Men usually think, “She’s holding my hand… she wants me, let’s run upstairs to bed!” Women usually think, “This is nice, we haven’t just held hands for a long time without him wanting to run upstairs and have sex.”

So how does Halo help with this? It’s simple. Men really want to be good at the little things like holding hands, but… we’re men, so we aren’t. Halo helps hand eye coordination. This article here states “…many well-loved play activities help fine tune hand-eye coordination--like building a sand castle, dressing a doll, and even playing video games.”

Why do men need better hand eye coordination? Because we are so terrible at things like holding hands improving hand eye coordination would ensure that when a man finally does reach out to hold hands with his wife, he won’t miss her hand, even it she is swinging it as she walks.

Of course physical touch is only one of Dr. Chapman’s 5 love languages, (physical touch, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and words of affirmation) and hand eye coordination comes into play on more than just physical touch. It helps with gifts too. A husband works hard for money, and yet never seems to have enough. Things may be tight and yet he desires to show his wife the love she deserves through the love language that fuels her. Well, this article states “A new study has demonstrated that some of the skills needed to perform laparoscopic surgery are similar to those used when playing video games.”

So, obviously playing Halo increases your chances of becoming a laparoscopic surgeon. I can only imagine how much they make and what kind of gifts you can buy on their salary.

Now if your love language isn’t physical touch or gifts, maybe it’s words of affirmation. Men are absolutely horrible at noticing subtle changes like their wives got their hair cut, or they have on a new outfit. But according to this article playing video games like Halo will help them. “It is certainly good training for people in situations where they need to detect things in their visual environment at any time in any location…” And when they notice your new hair or new outfit, they will certainly be prompt at fueling you with a comment like “Wow honey, I love what you’ve done with your hair. It really brings out the beauty of your face.”

Halo can be the pump that delivers fuel to your love tank.