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Monday, November 28, 2005

Turning the Other Cheek

I'm taking a quick break from all my recent lifes events to bring you this.

I've seen some pretty wild things in all my years of attending, volunteering, and working in a church. I've seen a guy in a 3 piece suit pace the sanctuary mumbling about nuculear holocost. I've seen a lady bring a bunny rabbit to the platform wrapped like a baby so it could be prayed for, then trip as she ran up the stairs and cry as the ushers drug her off. But this is something beyond what I've seen.

Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty of Victory in Tulsa, Oklahoma had hands laid on him, and I don't mean in a spiritual / healing sort of way.

Here's the link to the clip that ran on Fox News.
Here's the response by Pastor Daugherty, which has been running very slow.

Thanks to my friend Matt Crowl for the links.

Later I'll catch you all up on life, including
The end of last weeks cliffhanger
My waterbuffalo
My ipod
The big announcement to the church that I'm resigning